Ultra Magnum Dart

4w3s0m3 d4r7 s4yz d4 h4x0r!


Okay, I know this dart has already been discovered by others, but I just want to post it again damnit. Got a problem with that?!


Okay, this requires missiles. If you don't have any, get lost. =P


Simply get your missile and rip the fins off. Be careful to save the fins as you might need them if you want to make Rockets (explained here). Now, cut your finless missile in half. Get any kind of weight or cut-down mega suction cup and glue it on each half. There, you have 2 Ultra Magnum Darts. These work extremely well in my LnL and get about the same range as micro darts in my LnL adaptor.



Wallah! (Sorry for the shitty resolution)