Rocket Dart Instructions

So, you want a 1337 dart huh?


Okay, well here it is. The Rocket. No, not an arrow.. no, not a missile.. but, yes! A rocket!! These darts were made up by yours truly. They are extremely accurate indoors (outdoors not tested). They work best in Chain-Link Barrels. I normally use it in my Supermaxx5000. The reload time is pretty slow, and the range is average, but these darts have PINPOINT accuracy. Now, start with an airjet micro with the suction cup intact. Get some thin foam slices (I used Arrow Fins, but I think if you cut a slice of 5/8" Foam Backer rod into a disc, then shape it into a fin, it would work too). You need 3 identical fins for each dart (each 3 can differ in shape and size). Then, glue them evenly around the dart so you have a micro with fins. I used hot glue, but use whatever works for you. Load them in by folding the fins to the right/left so it wraps around the dart. The fins will unwrap after it exits the barrel when fired. The fins cause it to spiral making the dart go straight.



And, here it is.