Triple Strike Modification!

This modification is not really much of a performance enhancer, but more of a cosmetic makeover for the Triple Strike.



Here it is just out of the box

(this image kicks the shit out of the NC image for the triple strike!)


Now, I added a black 1/2" PVC stock to it. This made the gun much more comfortable.


I also put black electrical tape at the very back of the barrels so my triple torch arrows will make

a good seal onto the barrels.


I put the ammo holders back onto the gun


I unplugged (yes, unplugged) the release valve because I've heard of people's breaking.

I also did this because it doesn't leak out slowly like the wildfire, its a pressure activated release valve (I think)


Now, for the goodies!

Loaded up an ready to go frag some nerfers!


You will not want to see it sticking out of blankets aiming at you like this... trust me.


Here it is unloaded, notice the length of the stock and the electrical tape on the back of the barrels


Here it is unloaded in yet another angle.


Unloaded, different angle.


Nice looking isn't it?! I know many people hate the triple strike, but I really liked it! It was just the awkward shape that really bugged the hell out of me, so I compromised and this is one bad-ass weapon. Another thing people oversee is that this gun is very very very versatile! It has three quick shots. It can fire arrows for major damage. It can fire micros for insane range. It can fire megas for good range when you are out of micros. It can fire up to twelve short micro shotgun shells for enemies closing in. This gun is just freaking awesome!




I have added more to this gun. Now it is performance additives.






What you are looking at is a Triple strike with 3/4" CPVC over the red barrels. Then, a 3/4" --> 1/2" CPVC Reducer. I load 4 shotgun micros into each barrel for a 12-shot blast. They reach decent range and it is terrifying indoors.