So you want to mod your secret shot.


This mod (100% from me! and me ONLY no help, nothin') greatly increases your secret shot 1 and allows it to fire stefans with no holes in the back of them. Also adds 2 barrels to the front to make it a 3 barrel pistol of death! I have used this gun to single handedly beat 2 opponents with an Lnl and a Vortex Powerstrike. This mod greatly adds to the gun's versatility, making it a long ranged pistol, a charging type gun with a fast ROF, or a shotgun using two shotgun shells per barrel. I do not take responsibility to any property damage or damage to your gun, tools, or injuries. Also, please, if you want this on your site, give me full credit.

Ok, enough with the talk, lets get to the good stuff!

Oh yeah, I forgot. These pics were AFTER the mod, so sorry about no before and after pics.

This is your goal.

This is the gun with its case off (beautiful... much better than that wimpy LnL.. heh just kiddin, both guns are just amazing)

As you can see I mainly just modded the Triangular Bracket which holds the barrels and connect to the air chamber.

This was the half of the Secret shot without the slot to change the flippy thingy to switch over to the secret barrel. What I did was cut off parts of the plastic on this side so the orange switching device can change to 3 positions not 2. Many people get confused here, so I will elaborate.

Originally the secret barrel had to be activated through an orange switch at the top of the gun. Out of the box, the orange switch can only rotate to one side so the secret barrel will be the one that fires. With this step, you must cut off a rectangle of plastic the same shape and size as the other side so the orange switch will be able to flip to the left and right sides of the gun allowing you to shoot the bottom left and bottom right barrels you are going to implement.

Ok, as indicated in the picture, you must punch out that hole in the orange triangular bracket! I drilled out a hole where there was an indent in the orange bracket.

Ok, this is where it comes down to how well you can make stuff. Assemble your secret shot without ANY of the internal parts in place. Don't even screw it together. Just put them together and saw off about 1" off the front of the gun.

After that, it gets tough. Rip off the barrels on the bracket (or tube to the secret barrel). Get 3 marker caps and hollow them out. Glue them onto the bracket (they should BARELY fit). Make sure they can fit in the gun before you glue it down. Now, glue inbetween the marker caps to strengthen it. After that, assemble your Secret shot with only the triangle bracket in place. As you will see it probably won't fit. Get some pliers and cut out whatever is blocking the gun from closing together. The marker caps should protrude just a small bit out of the front of your gun. If not, go saw off some more off the front so they stick out just a bit. Put all the parts of your gun back together. Screw it all together. Now, you can stop here, or you can add some 1/2" CPVC to the front of your barrels.

CPVC Barrels:

Now, cut 3 segments of 1/2" Cpvc, about 2" each. Use hot glue or whatever and glue them onto the marker caps as good as you can. Glue inbetween the barrels and whever you think will help it stay. Add a rubber band and you have the most kick ass secret shot ever! This in my opinion can surpass the abilities of the LnL. Its range is just about where the LnL's range is, its got 3 shots, you can use shotgun shells, and its got a more smooth feel to it. If you think about it, the secret shot has more of a natural shape while the LnL is more boxy... I usually carry both into a "full blown" war, but for pistol wars, Secret Shot One is my choice all the way.

This mod truly allows the Secret Shot adapt to the ever-changing world of nerf. When I found out that after a few shots, the darts used in the secret shot began loosing the good seal. This was because of those dumb poles that the darts go over stretch out the foam and cause it to get worse and worse. Also, micros were getting useless with the new rise of Stefan darts. This Cpvc mod allows the secret shot to adapt to Stefans and fires micros without loosing efficiency with every second the dart is on the barrel. This also allows the secret shot to fire shotgun shells.


Oh damn. Ready for SS1 Triple Barrel Mod 2?



Well, instead of using CPVC, I put in new crayola marker caps into the triangular bracket.

After that. I made 3 crayola barrels without sawing off anything.

I put the crayola barrels onto the caps as a normal marker putting a cap on.

I gave this a bad-ass paint job.

I made multiple crayola barrels and glued them into a triangular shape...

When you are out of ammo, change the barrels which is easy to do with the caps

And you can see now... here it is:


Ahh... there it is!

Actually, I havent done the multiple crayola barrels to allow quick ammo swaps... but I plan to do it after I get a few bugs sorted out...


well the first bug is...

the barrels are not connected to the orange bracket as well as I would like. It feels a bit flimsy and leaks air. The air leaking part isn't that much of a problem, though it does hinder  ranger a few feet...

Another problem would be the third barrel isn't functioning right right now... it isn't giving the dart enough force to come out of a relatively short barrel, and I know the SS1 has the power to do it. I say the connection between the air chamber and the triangular bracket is failing, the connection between the marker cap and the triangular bracket is failing, or the connection between the marker cap and the actual crayola barrel is failing...

Oh yes, the painted words on the side are a bit hard to see from my cheezy intel camera...

The all red letters say "Frost" and "SS1" under it.

The red letters on the other side say "NERF" with the semicircle under the E and the R

The green/red letters (the red paint dripped in! really!) on the same side as the nerf logo says:

"NERFONLINE.COM" (heeheheheh..)