RamRod Modification

Mods: Barrel Replacement, added handle, lubricating, ammo holders


Barrel Replacement: This worked pretty well. I used a small plastic pipe that fits micros really tight.


Double Handles: I found a small little cheap-o toy that launches helicopters when you pull this string (it makes a thing turn and the propeller on the helicopter makes it take off). It was a little small, but it had a nice feel to it. I painted it black and put it on the RamRod. It makes the gun feel a whole lot better, also makes shooting sturdier.


Lubrication: This gun was glued together, so I had to get a can of WD-40 and stick the red straw pointer thing in and spray the hell out of it. Makes shooting smoother and added range


Ammo Holders: I added an additional 3 ammo holders which are glued inside the rear handle of the Ram Rod. Now it has capacity of 6 darts.




Range: The range improved a little bit. Still a little weak for a nerf gun, but for its outdated firing system and its small size, its not the worst out there.

Reload: Eh.... its a push and pull with 6 ammo holders. 'Nuff said.

Size: SMALL I killed the "folding ability" though because it was pretty annoying shooting and the gun flipping up. Still small though



How the gun basically looks.



Ready to fire!!



This gun means business.




Okay, the push and pull thing just didn't work for me on this gun. I mean, it was sturdy, but flimsy. It wasn't the handles, it was the whole gun. So I made it into a pull and release. Smaller, more range, easier....