Welcome to the Omega Boost battle armor. Please enjoy your visit and remember, a clean frag is a happy frag.

Well, I just about got my Omega Boost done for the upcoming TFC map that is going to be made.

Everything is complete except for some Texture and Entity issues. Now, I'd like to introduce you to the Omega Boost.



This, is the Omega Boost.



Wouldn't you like to have this gun? You can see the top barrel for the laser and the Quad Barrel Setup underneath



This is where the giant gun is controlled. I haven't put the control consoles or made the glass transparent yet.



This is the secondary gunner's place. To your right is the back of the rocket launcher.



This is the jetpack on the Omega Boost. Looks fast eh?



This is the pilot's room. Its not much yet...



Whoa... shit... this is the reactor core. Drop a shell in there and it'll blow your ass to next week.

The reactor core may be changed to a better-looking one.