Nerf RPG

Rocket Propelled Grenade


Okay, here it is, I have finished my RPG prototype (finally!).

It consists of a Film Jar, 5/8" FBR, 3/4" Pipe insulator, tip of a nerf arrow (any thick foam will do), 3/8" FBR,

variety of thin-cut 3/8", 1/2" 5/8" FBR shrapnel (unweighted), and a game piece chip (cardboard disc will do), and a wooden dowel



Ok, that is all the pics of the RPG.

Basically, when the tip hits a surface (enemy or wall) it will bust off the cap and spray the FBR.

I find it works good on firing from bottom levels, up to the ceiling above enemies on an upper level

This is strictly indoors only, it will not be effective without walls


It is shot out of my SM5k ball attachment...

To make a seal with the barrel, I used 3/8" FBR wrapped around the tip of the grenade, cut in half lengthwise

To fit  the film jar into the 3/4" Pipe insulator, I used a soldering iron to melt off the inside foam, so it is just a thin cover.

For the plunger, have the wooden dowel covered with hollowed 5/8" FBR (safety)

The cardboard disc goes inside the grenade, glued on the plunger

The hunk of arrow foam goes on the tip (safety).

Avoid hitting people in the face with this... or groin....