Maximum Stealth - Rotating Disc Loading Shotgun


This the first homemade gun to use a gatling type of loading. It is actually a prototype . . .

Lets get to the good stuff - Proof of existence and stuff to drool over: pictures


This is a basic overview shot of the gun Hydra.


Notice the 6 barrels to wreck havoc onto your enemies... and a nerf ballistic ball to keep them from closing in =P


Here is the rear of the rotating disc on the hydra connected to a wood dowel.


This is the "mode" where you turn it, explained below.


And, oh look the barrel is connected to the adapter again.


You can always take off the rotating assemble (just kinda... yank it out from the CPVC under the gun)


Well... that's basically what the gun looks like (you drooling yet?). Its not exactly a real high tech gun. Its pretty basic. The rotating disc was carved out of wood (maybe... 1/4" thick). I then cut holes (6) evenly around it after measuring where to cut it (confusing.... but uhm yeah). I glued the CPVC barrels (6) on with about 1/2" sticking out of the back of the wooden disc. I then put two 1/2" CPVC sticks under the front of the gun. I put a wooden dowel in the center of the rotating disc and the rotating disc is connected to the gun by sliding the dowel into the two CPVC sections. You basically push the wooden dowel forward so the gun switches "modes" to allow it to rotate (really, just pushing the dowel forward which causes the wooden disc to go forward which causes the empty barrel to pop out of the connector). Then you twist the wooden dowel to make the disc turn to a new barrel, and bull back to lock the barrel in place. Nifty eh?


The gun part is built off 1" PVC Sch 40. Pipe. The handle is made from the traditional "T" connector, and the plunger is just like the rest of the Maximum Stealth line of guns.


The rotating disc loader is still yet to be perfected. I had some ideas on perfecting it on a recent trip to the hardware store... since you can remove the round disc in the front, it will be extremely easy to remove it, salvage, discard, and build a new one using better parts, better ideas, etc.