This, is my long range homemade. This was made for range. Great for recon since its small and light.



Maximum Stealth High Power Firearm




Range: That's why I build this thing. I got 40+ feet.

Weight: Its REALLY light for 40+ feet. The size however, its slim, but long. When piston is pulled back, its the length of a tornado.

Accuracy: Well, the accuracy is great for a pull and release. I can hit a 1'x1' target from 40 feet away.







I have changed my Hazard from the past. I have repainted it, added some new features... and here it is.



It now has 3 "clips" that are made of 1/2" CPVC. The thingy on the top holds the original barrel (long one, at the back) and acts as a sight. The sight is not accurate at long range, but at medium range, it works decently. The clips are simple, fire it, pull it out and flip it around, fire again. I am currently working on making shotgun clips that fire multiple 3/8" darts.