Flashlight Mounts

I know all of you are thinking: Oh yay... flashlighs.

Well actually, they are pretty good in night wars. As they give away your position, but if used correctly they give away the enemies' position too. This is a simple flip-open flashlight with suction cups glued to it. There are many ways to do it....


#1 Suction Cups


This works good, but it can easily be knocked off the gun. Its also a nuisance to put it on the gun, but with a little bit of water before the war it is good. You can also secure it with rubber bands and its fully removable too.


#2 Jar


Basically you put some kind of circular (or whatever shape your flashlight is) container and glue it onto your gun. You slide the flashlight in to use and out for battery change or use somewhere else. Good, but it increases your gun's size when not using the flashlight


Here are some pictures of my suction cup mount on my tornado.