Ballzooka Restoration "Mod"

Well, after a while your ballzooka gets old... the handle comes off everything you shoot... the thing skips because the springs died. Its hell for such a classic. This is how you restore it to be the indoor gun that r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz


Problem #1: The Handle Fly-off Syndrome


This is a real nuisance. When you pull back to fire your green handle flies off the gun and you need to stop the war to repair it, or run and get shot dozens of times. This is simple, You need a large hose clamp. See where the blue part turns into the green sliding handle? Stick a hose clamp where is blue near the green sliding handle. Put that bitch as tight as you can get it on there. After, duct tape the little metal sizes that were too big down to the gun (I've cut myself while firing it on that and it HURTS LIKE A BITCH)



Problem #2 Skip-o-Rama Syndrome


This is bad... not quite as bad as the upper problem, but its bad. This is when the springs in your barrels are so compressed it makes the gun skip like hell. This is easily fixed. Just get a screwdriver and **!!CAREFULLY!!** work it under the yellow things in the barrel and turn it vertically and pull it out of the barrel **!!GENTLY!!**. Then after that the spring will pop out. Do this to all 5, then stretch the springs so it'll be maybe.. 4" longer than the barrel. Put it back in same way. This pushes the balls in the barrels against the lip so its less skip-prone. It only skipped once out of 15 shots.




Modification #1 X-men Symbols are bad.


Yes, X-men symbols mean range reduction. This one is easy. Simply open up your ballzooka and take off the orange piece with the barrels. See on the back those X's in the barrels? Now, CAREFULLY cut out the X, but be sure not to even touch the round part behind it as this is what makes the seal that makes the gun work well. Do this to all 5


Modification #2 Lube it up baby.


Simple, see the main air chamber? Yeah, lube it and lube it good. Don't put too much though as you don't want it to shoot lubrication rather than balls.