Here, as you can guess, is my ammo. Most of this ammo is NOT STOCK NERF AMMUNITION. At the top, you can see the three screamin arrows and the balls. A little to the left at the top are 2 homemade heavy artillery foam darts that I use in "The Force" gun. To the left of that are 2 Airzone missiles. Under the two black artillery darts, there are 4 orange mega stingers. To the left of those stingers are 2 mega magnums and 1 prototype sniper mega. Directly under the balls are 8 ultra sniper micro missiles (made by me thank you thank you) and under those are some megas and micro shotgun shells. Near the micro shotgun shells are larami darts and vortex rings under them. To the right of the rings and under the larami darts are super micro darts which are made of 3/8" Foam Backer Rod. The rest is just basically shotgun shells and stefans.