Advanced Barrels

Okay, this is a special section called Advanced Barrels. This modification to most PVC and CPVC barrels helps with accuracy. By adding a Coupling to your barrels, it will seal not only with the foam of the dart, but with the head of the dart as well. By doing this you help guide the dart more. Of course, this is only the case with Stock Megas and Micros. Suction cup intact.


1/2" PVC Advanced Barrel with mega


This is a Mega without the coupler


Mega without coupler


Mega outside of PVC barrel


Advanced PVC barrel, empty


Loading mega into Advanced PVC Barrel


Almost loaded


All the way loaded inside. Rubber head making a seal with the coupling


1/2" CPVC Advanced Barrel With Micro


Loading micro into normal CPVC barrel


Micro Loaded into CPVC barrel


Advanced CPVC Barrel


Loading micro into Advanced CPVC Barrel


Micro loaded into Advanced CPVC Barrel